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Welcome to dVerse Monday Quadrille. I’m so happy you are joining us today, but not surprised because you are a POET and this little world of ours is all about POETRY.

However you may view yourself: beginner, seasoned, published, hopeless—you have POETIC DNA running in your veins. You look at something as common as, for example, an ear of corn, and try to rephrase it POETICALLY. Others may think you are a bit weird or eccentric, but you can’t help writing a POEM. It’s who you are. So get POEMing, please.

In case you haven’t figured it out, our word today is POEM or any word that relates to it. Feel free to let your creative muse come up with a word that isn’t really dictionarized. It’s what we do.

A Quadrille, for those of you new to the form, is a poem in any form of exactly 44 words, excluding the title. Yes, you can play with hyphens. You may rhyme, meter or whatever. Just keep it at 44 words and include the prompt word: POEM or a member of its family.

To link: write your poem, post it on your blog. Access Mr. Linky below, and include the direct URL in the space he provides, along with your name. We ask you to add the link to this dVerse prompt in your post. Please remember the importance of reading other contributors and commenting on their work. Also, if you would, add a comment here and help us build our community and get to better know each other. Thank you.

For dVerse, this is Victoria–delighted to be hosting today’s Quadrille. Remember, the link is open all week.