Today I would like you to consider grey as a subject for your haibun.

Grey can be everything between black and white, all the possibilities of compromise and harmony. Solution

Grey is also absence of color an absence of joy. Fifty shades of misery

Grey is winter, whiteout, mist and rain. It could be the swelling of the sea. Maybe you recall a moment sitting by a lake an overshadowed day in February.

Grey is ink-wash, old pewter and the haircolor of old age, it’s gneiss and granite.

Grey can be the promise of soil to seed.

As you see grey can be a lot of things, and today I would like you to bring grey into a personal (non-fictional) piece of prose. Add to that a haiku (with season and nature). Please try to limit your prose to no more than 200 words.

When you have written your haibun, please link up below, read and comment and have fun. The prompt is open the whole week so remember to return, read and comment many times.