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Lillian here. Delighted to host Poetics during the last week of our one-month stay in Bermuda.

It’s that time of year! Our clocks have sprung ahead and the U.S. is definitely ready to embrace spring. Bring me budding trees; tulips and daffodils; women walking the streets without big winter coats, showing their baby bumps; hopscotch on the sidewalks (at least in my youthful days that happened); and for those who live in or have a country/rural background, that annual leafing through the Burpees Seed Catalog. Those in the Southern Hemisphere, think about when you were anticipating spring. 

So here’s a few images to spur your imagination. Think young, take the energy of the spring season and think fun, new life, possibilities. Sunny side up, everyone. Pick one of the images below, copy and paste to your site, and write a poem motivated by the image. Any form, any length. All images are from Pixabay, and free to download without attribution. Have fun with this one! No need to write specifically about the spring season – rather put a spring in your step and in your words. I’ll meet you on the other side of dull, cold and dreary…. and look forward to inspired words!



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