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Welcome to Haibun Monday! This is Michelle (“Mish”).

First off, I’d like to remind you that the Haibun prompt runs all week. For this reason, it is important to check back throughout the week to read additional posts.

Today, I bring you the topic of FAITH for your haibun. Because our views and beliefs may range as diversely as our poetry, I would like to broaden the idea of faith for this prompt.

I think we have all put our faith in someone or something at one time or another in our lifetime. Whether it is invested in the doctrines of a certain religion or in a relationship, faith is the kind of deep trust that we enter completely. It may hurt us profoundly when we feel it has been broken, but we will usually find faith again.

Here are some ideas to spark your muse. How has faith evolved in your life? Does nature restore your faith in new beginnings? Does one act of kindness strengthen your faith in humanity? Tell us about a leap of faith. OR.. write about losing faith. We lose faith in our god, ourselves, others, in our own theories and convictions and sadly, we often lose faith in society.

When penning your haibun, please remember that it is non-fictional, a true account of your life. Share with us your thoughts or your experiences relating to faith. Use a general approach to the subject or describe a specific incident where your faith was tested or renewed. Keep it terse. Keep it factual. Your prose should be no more than three tight paragraphs, followed by a seasonal haiku.

Enjoy! I have faith in your exceptional poetic abilities because you all continue to inspire me!

To join in with the prompt:

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  • Have fun!