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Imagine yourself walking.

Are you strolling, trotting or slouching? Where are you and what’s the time?

When is it? Why are you walking is there a goal?

What do you see and how are you dressed?
Is it sunshine or rain?

I often find that the longer I walk the more I am thinking, it’s almost me thoughts and my feet are diverging, walking is a for me meditation, reward, escape and a goal. How about you?

If you find this prompt hard, just go out and walk and see what will happen. Notice what you see, what you hear but most of all the thoughts you might have.

If you have a camera it would be nice if you include a picture as well.

I bring you a few quotes about walking to trigger some ideas:

When you have written your haibun with a prose of maximum 200 words and a haiku complementing the words. Link up below directly to your poem and remember to read and learn from other poet’s walking.