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Hello friends, hello poets, hello world,

We are past the madhouse of April for those who tried to write a poem per day (and reading 20 times as many), and this is the first Open Link Night of May.

If you need some inspiration, listen to the poem Daddy by Sylvia Plath.

When reading a bit of the background to this poem I came across this article.
Does it inspire you to write a comeuppance on someone?

If so, please do.

If not leave me a comment or drop me a poem below.
The rules for OLN are simple:
You can link up any poem you like, a new one, an old one. Maybe the best of your poem of April. Or you can write to a prompt you have missed like:

Let’s get wild by Jilly or Variations on the Rubaiyat by Frank.

When you have linked up the poem below, don’t forget to read and to comment. We all love the interaction, that’s the purpose of blogging.