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Hello Friends

Once again it is time to have another Open Link event.

A couple of weeks ago I attended a poetry workshop with Moira Egan, we did poetic exercises and analyzed poems. The subject was around scent and we analyzed a number of poems, and also wrote our own. I will link up the poem I did in the workshop.

For those of you who have written here before you know that subject of scent is not new for us. We have had prompts on various aspects of scent before. For instance we Lilian had a prompt on brand names on poetics where one of the categories was perfume names.

Mock Orange bloom

One of the poem we shared and discussed was Mock Orange by Louise Glück . If you have time to read it and provide your thoughts about the poem, you can leave a comment below.

So tell me, have you ever attended a poetry workshop? What did you learn? What is the difference between reading online poetry and meeting people writing?

As this is Open Link, you can link up one poem below. When you are ready visit other poems, comment and tell what you feel when you read it.

Leave comments below and take part of discussion on any subject you want including the poem I have linked, your thought around workshops etc.