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Welcome to Open Link Night! Mish here as your host.

During one of those online searches that wandered aimlessly off path, I came across some famous people, including celebrities that also write or have written poetry. Besides the ones I have featured below, this eclectic list includes Benjamin Franklin, Marilyn Munroe, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Stewart, Albert Einstein, Pope John Paul II, Jewel and Queen Elizabeth I.

An untitled piece by Leonard Nimoy

Time has stopped.
A minute is still a minute.
An hour is still an hour.
And yet,
The past and the future
Hang in perfect balance.
All focused on the present.
A sweet flow of excitement
Warms me.
You are near.


 To Rosa by Abraham Lincoln

You are young, and I am older;
You are hopeful, I am not—
Enjoy life, ere it grow colder—
Pluck the roses ere they rot.

Teach your beau to heed the lay—
That sunshine soon is lost in shade—
That now’s as good as any day—
To take thee, Rosa, ere she fade.



And finally, a powerful presentation of slam poetry by Alicia Keys….


And so, my poet friends….let the words flow!

A reminder that Open Link Night is your opportunity to link ONE poem, ANY poem you would like. There is no specific prompt or theme. Write something new or rework a poem you have previously written. If you missed one of our recent prompts, feel free to use one as inspiration.

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