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Lillian here….just returned to Boston after spending two glorious weeks in Provincetown at the very tip of Cape Cod. We’ve been going to the same rental unit for the past 19 years and it never disappoints.

We meander through art galleries, walk out on the harbor, and sometimes park ourselves on a bench in the center of town and just people-watch. Back where we stay, in the quiet East side of Provincetown, our rental unit has sliding glass doors on one wall that open to the deck which is right beside the ocean. Any stress we’ve harbored absolutely disappears in this magical place – which gets me to thinking about that word.

There are safe harbors and harbor seals. Some people harbor feelings of ill will. There’s the somber memorial at Pearl Harbor; and the great lobster shacks along the coast of Maine. Some folks harbor illusions about the odds of something happening. Some towns have the remains of active harbors from days gone by. Perhaps you’ve fished from a harbor’s pier or walked along the harbor in the early morning, relishing the hub bub of fishing boats just returning with their catch.

Think of all the immigrants who came into the U.S. via Ellis Island. My husband’s grandfather for one – from Sweden. Rita Moreno for another – recognize that name? Now 86, she is well known for her role as Anita in West Side Story.  I LOVE this quotation from her: “My first American experience was in the harbor of New York City when I saw that amazing big, tall lady. I remember thinking, “Oh my goodness, a lady runs this country!”

So all this brings me to the prompt for today’s quadrille – perhaps you’ve already figured it out?  You are to write a quadrille, a poem of exactly 44 words sans title, that includes the word “harbor” or a form of the word. Using a synonym does not fulfill the prompt. “Harbor” can be a verb or a noun — or maybe you’ll use a little poetic license and come up with something harborlicious!

So – get busy folks! Just 44 words….I look forward to reading your quadrilles! Those of you new to dVerse, here’s how to participate:

  • Write a poem that includes the word “harbor” or a form of the word. The poem must be exactly 44 words, sans title.
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