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Fire Up Creativity—dVerse Poetics

Greetings, fellow wordsmiths. This is Victoria, guest-hosting for you on a beautiful autumn day in the Eastern Sierra. The winds have settled down; we’ve had some rain blessing our all-too-dry high desert, with snow promised for the end of the week.

Less than 3 hours from here, the people of Paradise, California are suffering the results of the most devastating fire in California history. The last I saw, the number of those unable to escape the flames was at 82, while somewhere around 1000 human lives were as yet unaccounted for. Needless to say, fire has been on my mind.

Fire is destructive, that’s clear. But it also has other aspects. There can be purifying benefits, clearing the earth for new growth, or perhaps symbolizing the end of an unhealthy relationship when letters or other mementos are set free of one’s obsession. The fire in a hearth brings warmth and comfort, the burning wick of a candle, light. And fire in the heart brings the passion needed to connect and create.

For today’s Poetics, think about one of these or the many other possibilities that apply to fire, and bring us the results of your burning creativity. I look forward to reading them all.

Go ahead and write your poem in whatever form you choose while respecting the theme of fire. Post your poem on your site and link it to dVerse, using Mr. Linky at the bottom of this post. Please link dVerse to your social media sites as well. Be sure to read and comment on the work of other participants. We love the community aspects of this site and the encouragement we give to one another.

Thank you for being a refuge for us in the world of so many challenges.