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Today I thought we should discuss a bit on poetry and yourself.

I think we can all agree that we pour part of ourselves into the words we write. Even when writing fiction, we tend to include our fears and moral element.

We can also write poetry and fiction in different perspectives. The most common ones are first person and third person singular but I sometimes experiment also with second person and pluralis.

The problem is how much of our identity we use when writing in first person. In fiction it has become quite common to write fiction in first person, but I have found through comments and reading that there is a higher degree of honesty required in poetry. This difference I find quite interesting and it also bridges over to another aspect of writing about someone else.

To me this is delicate balance, of course I can never understand how another human is feeling. I have to use my imagination and maybe project to parallel emotions of being passionate or hurt.

At the end this a delicate balance between compassion and appropriation.

What is your take on this, can you (or should you) even try to capture someone else’s emotions? If so, what is ok, and what is not?
If you want to share a favorite poem of being totally honest or a great poem of fiction, please add a link below.

You can listen to Sylvia Plath reading her poem Daddy below.