Lillian here, delighted to host today’s Poetics.

Some of you have known me for a while through dVerse so perhaps you know I am rejuvenated (never say retired). Six years ago I closed my university office door for the last time, ending that era of my life. I’d been in education administration for 30+ years, and for the final five years, Dean of a Global MBA program. As I shut the door, I suddenly burst into uncontrollable sobs. I had to walk quickly down the hall, prayed no one else would be in the elevator and then rushed out of the building with my head down, tears streaming down my face. I was shocked by my reaction. I was so ready to be done with all the stress. I wanted this. What was wrong with me? About halfway home, the tears stopped and I gulped fresh air as fast as I could. And then I understood. I’d literally shed a persona. Initially, it was a shock to the system. I’d left that old self sitting at that empty desk in that now empty space. Like a snake, I’d shed my skin and was a new person – open to new possibilities. 

And boy, have I taken advantage of rejuvenatement (never say retirement)! I took several online poetry classes, started writing, and found dVerse. My husband and I decided to travel and experience the world….cruises to the far corners of the globe IE New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Chile, Norway, Iceland, Ireland, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Antarctica. This April we will be in China and Japan. Being an old debater from my high school and college days, I love doing research to shed light on the best places to see, the cooking classes to take, and the cultural aspects to appreciate in each country we visit.

So…..do you see a word that has replicated itself in the two previous paragraphs? As a former English and drama high school teacher in the 1970s; with a communications major, an intense interest in language, and a strong belief in the power of words, I am always amazed at the delineation of meanings one spelling can have in the English language. I’m a bit hung up today, on this one word: s-h-e-d. She’d known all along, there was a secret in that old wood shed. And if she knew the answer, it would shed meaning on so many things! Yep. You’ve got it. The prompt for today: write a poem (any form; rhyming or not) that includes the word “shed” or a form of the word. I expect to see lots of diversity in the posts for today. Shed your inhibitions and let your imaginations run with it!

And for those of you new to dVerse, here’s what we hope everyone does:

  • Write a poem that adheres to the prompt and post to your blog.
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  • On your blog, please provide a link back to dVerse. This enables others to enjoy our prompts, multiplies our readers and thus the responses to all of our poems.
  • If you promote your poem on social media, use the tag #dverse poets
  • And most importantly, please do read some of the other responses to the prompt and add a short comment or reaction. Everyone likes to be appreciated! The prompt is “live” for several days – as you’ll notice by the comments you’ll receive – so do stop by another day and read a few of the latecomers too!


Photo of woodshed from Pixabay.com