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Hello, this is Frank Hubeny.

I found M. Scott Peck’s Further Along the Road Less Traveled in a used bookstore a few weeks ago. It has been a challenge to read. As I understand it Peck describes a spiritual journey we are all on, whether we like it or not, from narcissism to at least something better – or less narcissistic.

One of the chapters is titled “Blame and Forgiveness”. The first sentence of that chapter goes like this:

A big part of growing up is learning to forgive.

Now, I don’t think I’m anywhere near grown up. Forgiveness is hard work because blaming someone else is such a rush and we may at times need that rush for self-defense. That some blame is appropriate, even from Peck’s perspective, helps make the move toward forgiveness, the growing up, difficult. It is not just about forgiveness, but then again forgiveness is the goal.

One writer who focuses monthly on forgiveness is Debbie Roth with her Forgiving Fridays. She keeps me focused on the topic even when  I don’t understand what forgiveness means. And now I can thank Peck as well.

So, that is the prompt: blame and forgiveness. Either one. Or both.  There are no other constraints.  It need not be about the poet’s own life.

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