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Hello all,

As I told you during the last Pubtalk we are now ready to go on with a new updated writing prompt.

We want to challenge you a little bit on the subject of flashfiction. For everyone acquainted with this, it’s a very short piece of prose telling a story.

As you all know any story consists of a beginning and an end and something in between.

So what do we want to do differently when we do flash-fiction here?

First of all we know that a catchy name makes sense… and with dVerse being a poetry pub we thought we’d call it Prosery (Kim’s idea).

The second is to have a word limit and I thought we should use 144 words. For some of you this is gross, but for me it’s just an additional hundred words to a Quadrille. If you want to have an additional challenge you can try to hit the 144 word exactly.

The third is to give you some constraints in the same manner as we have done in the Quadrille, and in this case we will not just give you a word but a complete line from a poem, and you have to use that complete line somewhere in your story. This line has to fit within the 144 word limit, but if you want to divide the line using punctuation that is perfectly OK.

Despite using a line from a poem I would like you to write prose (which does not exclude the use of poetic devices). You can use any genre you want. Horror, sci-fi or fantasy.

For the first Prosery prompt:

Write me a story using maximum 144 words that has to include the following line:

When far away an interrupted cry

taken from the poem acquainted with the night by Robert Frost.


Please use this text inside your prose and add the beginning and the end. When you have posted your story to your blog up, link up directly with Mr. Linky Below.

The prompt will stay open for a week, so take your time and enjoy the stories. Leave a comment and have fun.

If you have any comment or question leave it below.