Hello fellow poets and welcome back from our brief hiatus.

Björn here again as today we have the first haibun prompt of yet a year and yet a decade, and even if it is already almost a week since we started to write the year 2020, this new year is still mostly a blank page. It still has potential for greatness, as we have left the last year in the trash.

Along my journey
through this transitory world,
new year’s housecleaning

– Matsuo Basho

For your haibun I would like you to write about beginnings, and even if:

“The beginning is always today.”

― Mary Shelley

There are those days which feels more like beginnings than others, and how endings are often followed by new beginnings, and how we sometimes need with a housecleaning to feel a beginning.

Season’s may end when another begins.
After a break work may resume again.
Every painting starts with a blank canvas.

So for today, I would like you to write a haibun about any beginning, it could be the start of a journey, a new year’s resolution, the planting of seeds or simply the dawn of yet another day.

Dawn at Isawa in the Kai province by
Katsushika Hokusai

Try to limit the prose of the prose of the haibun to no more than a few paragraphs, and let the haiku align to nature and season. For those new to haibun it is a form once created by Matsuo Basho where he combined the prose of describing his travel in Japan with haiku. When it is well done the prose and the haiku interact to create another depth or layer to the description. Therefore I think it is important not to let the haiku be a summary of the prose, but rather to complement the prose.

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