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Hello friends at the bar. We have mulled wine and gingerbread and there is a strong scent of cinnamon. I have lit a fire and you are welcome to sit here for a while sharing your rhymes.

As this is the last prompt before we go on break, I thought that we would do something for the season and I wanted to share a tradition from Sweden and that is to put a little rhyme on your gifts.

In Sweden we open the gifts on Christmas eve, and we sit together opening the gifts taking our time, letting everyone enjoy the joy and surprise from both giver and receiver.

To make it even more fun we often add a simply rhymed verse on the gift that hint at the content (it can really be like a riddle).

In Sweden this is often extended to radio in newspapers where imagined gifts are given to various politicians and celebrities with a rhyme. Often the gift is chosen to give an additional edge, like giving a bicycle to a car-hugging guy, or a mirror to the self-absorbed influencer.

A gasmask to the ruler

My dear, here is something to wear
for every day when the air
makes you cry & is hard to inhale
we’re too many to fill up your jails

from the people filling the streets


A cap for father

For me it might be thrift
but for you it’s still my gift,
You have to guess my reasons
or you can blame the season;
but it will warm you if it’s cold,
and hide that you grown old.

From your loving son

Today I want you to write one (or many) rhymes for a gift (real or imagined) to someone close or to a famous (or imagined) person.

I leave to you if you want to tell us what the gift is, or make it guess.

Have fun and happy holidays, and if you make this your new holiday traditions please tell me.

When you have written your gift rhymes on your blog, please link up below and visit the other blogs to read and comment.

We will be back again in two weeks.