We weren’t going to have a vegetable patch this year. We were off to Australia for a couple of months, with a stop-over in Malaysia. We were going to catch up with old, dear friends, do some exploring, and enjoy a last big family holiday with our children, who are on the cusp of leaving home. It was going to be wonderful!


Well, you know what happened.


So, instead, I’m hastily digging over the vegetable patch, and planting a desperate hodgepodge of seeds – things we found in the local ironmongers, some plants donated by my dad, some broad beans from a roadside stall, some seeds left over from last year. It’s all a bit random, and I’m not sure what we’re going to get out of it.


Usually, I linger over seed catalogues, making careful choices. My particular favourite is the Real Seed Company, a small set up which sends out little brown envelopes of heritage seeds. It feels so special! And what I love most is the names. I picture the original gardeners – broad-fingered men in corduroy trousers, no-nonsense women in wellies – and think they must have had some romance buried deep in their gardening souls, only waiting to blossom. Because these are not the names of vegetables – they’re chapter titles in a high fantasy epic, they’re fairy tales told on a dark winter evening, they’re spangles and sparkles…


So, tonight, I want you to plant in my poetry patch. Take a look at these vegetable names, choose a few, toss them in the rich soil of your imagination, and see what comes up. Maybe it will be a strange and wonderful plant. Maybe it will be a whimsical fairy tale. Maybe it will be a magical stream of consciousness. Hopefully it will keep me going as I dig in the horse-manure over the next few days (thank you, Rob and Lin, for your kind donation!).


Black Beauty

Trail of Tears

Lazy housewife


Purple queen

Jacob’s cattle

The Czar


Golden acre

Dazzling blue

Purple sword

Jack Ice

Reine des Glaces

Blue fire


Tender and true



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