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Hello and welcome to Open Link Night! Mish here as your host.

Oh the freedom to post a poem of your choice! ONE poem please. I think it is this prompt in particular that really brings out the unique styles of our dVerse community. After all, that is what this pub is all about. We respect each other’s differences, cultures, backgrounds, ideas and opinions. For me personally, it has not only broadened my knowledge of poetry, but also reminded me of how differently our lives can be from one part of the world to another, from one situation to another.

So on that note….let me share my yesterday and a bit about my world with you. Above me are turquoise skies and billowing bright wide clouds. The temperature is about 80 degrees fahrenheit, but of course here in Canada, that is about 26 degrees celcius. The humidity, still lingers today, even with the slight breeze that reaches out to cool my skin every few minutes. I am standing in the middle of a blueberry patch, a very large blueberry patch. Rows and rows of lush green foliage, decorated generously with clusters of deep blue. Beside me is a small stool provided by the farm for comfortably picking the plump berries hidden deep at the bottom of the bush. I alternate from the stool to standing to harvest the others. I drop the berries by the handful in to a plastic pail that will hold 10 pounds of blueberries. I revel at the possibilities of that….. many jars of jam, pancakes, muffins, frosty frozen berries to snack on, maybe a cheesecake.

The warmth of the sun brings me peace and I think about how fortunate I am to be alive. So many have perished and suffered during the past four months. The sun feels like a gift. My husband is a gift, as he seems so content in the silence of the field, focused on nothing but the tiny fruits of nature between his fingers. All is well. After about an hour, we take our pails to a young employee wearing a mask. We sanitize our hands for the umpteenth time. He places our blueberries on a scale. Somehow we managed to collect the exact same weight?! 5.9 pounds of blueberries each!

So that was a snippet of my world these days, a little lazy, a little scared and on edge for the future, but mostly very grateful…..for blueberries and for life.

I sincerely hope you have moments of solitude in your part of the world as well and that you are able to find time to pen them into words. Sometimes it makes you appreciate them even more.

So go ahead. Write us a poem, any style, any topic and link it up!

Here’s how to join in:

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  • Have fun!