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Lillian here. Delighted to host Poetics today.   

Since I joined dVerse in March of 2015, I have been introduced to many types of poetry and poetic devices. I have learned as much by reading the poetry of others as I have by the explanation of how to write using a particular form such as a villanelle, a tanka, haibun, or various rhyme schemes and meters. I will admit, sometimes I feel like I’m dealing with a poetic sudoku when I must master complex rhyme schemes – and anything with iambic pentameter always throws me for a loop! That’s why I’ve aptly labeled myself a home poet. 

I’ve been tending the bar for four years now and enjoy creating prompts. In February 2018, I became acquainted with the often surreal art of Catrin Welz-Stein. She studied graphic design in Germany and then worked for several firms. On her own time, she began to experiment with mixed media, collages, paintings on canvas and digital art. Her process to create her art? She searches for license-free images and scours old books and magazines. She breaks images into pieces and then weaves them together with other images to create something entirely new. She is especially interested in folklore, fairy tales, surrealism, medieval times and Jugendstil (Art Noveau). With Ms. Welz-Stein’s permission in 2018, I provided four of her images to inspire dVerse folks. I recently contacted her and suggested we might do the same in 2020, and she is delighted to participate in dVerse once again. She enjoyed reading the responses to her images two years ago, and I suspect she will this time as well.

Below are four of her images. I have deliberately left off the titles so you will free-associate with them. Please select ONE OF THESE IMAGES, include it with your post, and be sure to give credit to Catrin Welz-Stein with a link to her website http://catrin-stein.imagekind.com/store/  WE HAVE ONLY BEEN GIVEN PERMISSION TO USE THESE FOUR IMAGES. You may write an ekphrastic poem in the purest sense, describing the image; or you may simply be motivated by the image and, letting it stir your imagination, write a poem that in some way, connects to the image. And if you are so inclined, and cannot pick just one, remember that folks are always welcome to post more than one poem on Poetics Tuesday. It is only OLN Thursdays when we are limited to one post. If you write more than one poem, be sure to put each one on a separate Mr. Linky link.

New to dVerse?  Here’s what to do:

  • Write a poem motivated by one of Catrin Welz-Stein’s images. Include the image in your post. Be sure to give credit to Ms. Welz-Stein and embed or include her website as well: http://catrin-stein.imagekind.com/store/
  • Post the poem to your blog AND add the exact URL for your poem to Mr. Linky below.
  • REMEMBER to either TAG dVerse in your post, or include a link at the end of your post that leads readers back to dVerse (https://dversepoets.com). 

  • If there is no Tag or link back to dVerse, I will gently remind you to add it or remove your post from Mr. Linky. Sorry to be so harsh…..but this is just part of the requirements AND it will bring you more readers and lead more folks to dVerse so they can participate as well!