Hellooooo, intrepid poets! Are you hanging in there? 2020’s a bit of a beast, and maybe we can all use a little moment of peace. So let’s take a breath, and look up. See that vast and hope-filled sky?

It’s time today for that pithy little poem we call the Quadrille, a creation of our own making here at dVerse, in which we write poems of exactly 44 words including one word we send your way. Today, I shall paper-airplane-sail you the word sky.

Describe for us a skyline. Build a skyscraper of phrase. Scribe us something sky-blue true. Go skydiving into a rhyme. If you’ve been around dVerse any length of time, you know we love nouns used as verbs. So why not create your own usage? Can you sky a song? What would it mean to be skyshook, or bareskied?

New to the Q? Here’s what to do: Show us your skywriting by penning a poem of exactly 44 words, including some semblance of the word sky. Post your poem on your own blog, and link up using Mr. Linky below. Then surf the sky of poems that is this beautiful blogisphere. And don’t forget: the Quadrille is up all week, so come back again and again to read (and write) some more!

Maybe a little Hendrix to get you in the mood?
(Excuse me, while I kiss the sky.)