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Hello all,

Today I thought we should play a little with lists again, and to make life a little easier I thought we should do what every one does when we don’t have a clue. Just Ask Google.
A number of years ago we did something similar using googlism This time we should do something similar by using the autocomplete function in Google.
If you start to type “Love is a… ” Google suggests the following:

You can use this as a complete list or you might just pick one or two of the lines. For instance; Love is a battlefield. Then searching for “Love is b… ” I get:

From that, I might select blindness and blue and get the following line:

Love is a battlefield, blindness as blue

and maybe edit it to:

Love is blindness, a battlefield blue

Which at least for me can be a good first line of a poem. You can stop there or go on searching for Love is c… and so on.
You can use this technique with any starting point and go on as long as you want. Edit it, massage it, and post it in the way that you see fit.

One interesting thing with this technique is that Google guides you both with what others search for and your own previous searches, this means that your lists will contain part of what we all are looking for and yourself

If you want to read more and get more inspiration you can find it here or here.

When you are ready, post your poem to your poem linking back to dVerse and list it in Mr. Linky below, please visit other poems comment and have fun.

Since today the Nobel prize in literature was announced I give you the option to write a poem inspired by the poetry of Louise Glück. It is amazing that this is a poet that I have read and enjoyed. I got her recommended in a poetry workshop and since then I have used her as inspiration for some time. The last time I brought her to the attention of the dVerse community was in a Prosery prompt where I used a sentence from her poem “All Hallows”

I also include a reading where she reads from her last collection.