Björn here, once again hosting our Live edition of Open Link which means that you have a possibility to read and listen to the poets during a live event for the first hour after we open.

To join is easy. Just click this link, and I will be there to open the door letting you in.

If you just want to listen and be live with the poets that’s fine with me, but if you want to read your poem please link up your one poem with Mr Linky as usual.

I will call you to the mic in the order you link up.

Read and comment as usually… you know the drill.

A few words of advice.

  1. You can join from your PC, and if you have a headset we will hear you better. Since we use Google meet it usually works better if you run it using the Chrome browser.
  2. You can also run it from a mobile or a tablet in which case you will get a better experience if you install the app before (Google meet)
  3. Some people have had network issues and if you do, you may want to turn off the video option, joining just with audio.

I will try to record the event and put it up on our Youtube channel. If you have any other good ideas on how to use Youtube please post your ideas below.

So once again:

Link up one poem of your choice by clicking Mr Linky

Then join the Live session by clicking the Microphone

Have fun, enjoy the company take a cup a coffee, applause and cheer. Comment and be friendly.

For those who missed the session here we are.