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Anders Zorn: Midsommardans..NM 1603

Hello all, Björn here;

tonight is the night before Midsummer Nights Eve. For people in the Sweden this is one of the most important days of the year. This is when we normally dance and celebrate the beginning of the real summer. The nights are brief and we normally sit outside the whole evening. This year most of the bigger festivities are canceled since we still have regulations related to Covid. That said we intend to have a small setting, eat herring, drink beer, bathe and relax.

Today is the last event before we go on a two week break, we will be back with a Quadrille on July 12. This is also when we celebrated the 11th anniversary of dVerse,

Today the first part of Open Link is also a live event and if you can you just join by clicking this link:

Google Meet

You don’t need to download any software, but if you join from a phone you will get an improved quality if you download the Goole Meet App first. I recommend that you use a headset to get the best experience,’

I will try recording the event, so those who cannot participate will be able to watch it afterwards. If you have any objections being recorded you can still participate in the meeting just listening, remember to turn of your video camera in that case.

If you are new to Open Link, we have no prompt tonight, but you are welcome to share any one poem. You share it by putting a link directly to your poem in the linkup below.

When you have linked up, you can leave a comment below and take part in the discussion. Please remember to visit and read on each other’s poem. To read is how we all get better in writing, and we also learn and appreciate the comments you give.