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Hello friends Björn here and I sit here eying the afternoon sun not quite having the strength required to melt the few remaining flecks of Snow in the woodland behind our house trying to find a suitable word for the Quadrille it strikes me how important our eyes are for our lives.

A few years ago I had to have surgery for retinal detachment and I remember how my father almost went blind on one eye from the same condition. It turns out surgery techniques have come a long way since then, and today my eyesight is quite OK.

We often say that the eyes are the windows to the soul which makes life even harder for the squint-eyed or the blind. The fear of losing your sight is often so much more than the fear of missing out all life’s beautiful things.

 “The soul, fortunately, has an interpreter – often an unconscious but still a faithful interpreter – in the eye.” – Charlotte Bronte

We may use “eye” as both a verb or noun, there are thousands of poets and quotes.

Sonnet 46: Mine Eye And Heart Are At A Mortal War


Mine eye and heart are at a mortal war,
How to divide the conquest of thy sight;
Mine eye my heart thy picture’s sight would bar,
My heart mine eye the freedom of that right.
My heart doth plead that thou in him dost lie,
A closet never pierc’d with crystal eyes,
But the defendant doth that plea deny,
And says in him thy fair appearance lies.
To ‘cide this title is impannelled
A quest of thoughts, all tenants to the heart;
And by their verdict is determined
The clear eye’s moiety, and the dear heart’s part:
As thus: mine eye’s due is thine outward part,
And my heart’s right, thine inward love of heart.

The Eye


Said the Eye one day, “I see beyond these valleys a mountain veiled with blue mist.  Is it not beautiful?”

The Ear listened, and after listening intently awhile, said, “But where is any mountain?  I do not hear it.”

Then the Hand spoke and said, “I am trying in vain to feel it or touch it, and I can find no mountain.”

And the Nose said, “There is no mountain, I cannot smell it.”

Then the Eye turned the other way, and they all began to talk together about the Eye’s strange delusion.  And they said, “Something must be the matter with the Eye.”

So today for you you are to write a Quadrille, 44 words which have to include the word eye in the main body of the poem,

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