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Hello fellow poets, Michelle Beauchamp here (aka Mish) your host for this week’s Poetics.

It has been difficult to see the mass destruction and disturbing events taking place in Ukraine. I am confident that I speak for all of dVerse when I say that it hurts our hearts. We’ve seen the heaviness of it all released in recent poetry. I was extremely moved last week by a poem written by Ain Starlingsson, ” A Song of what they Mislabel as Innocence”. He writes from “a cellar with a flickering light as the bombs fall” and marvels “at the ability of children to make the best they can of every given situation”. If you missed it, you can find his poem here. This particular line became so embedded in my mind.

And remember the capacity for another to inflict pain must not be greater than yours to inspire dreams

How true. The message sent me searching for another glimpse of light within the darkness of war. I found it. I found her! Today it is my pleasure to present the beautiful artwork of “Vika Muse”.

I discovered this young visual artist on Instagram and began communicating via email. Her strength and ability to continue to create through chaos and fear is uplifting. I find her work to be surreal, dream-like and introspective. There is an element of light in every offering that is so calming and hopeful. The accompaniment of tiny forest animals somehow feels protective and comforting. And fairies? Who doesn’t love fairies? At this time, she says that “escaping into the fantasy world helps to overcome the feeling of permanent anxiety caused by the war….helps me for awhile.”

Who is “Vika Muse”?

In her own words…..”I was a web designer for about 13 years. But I wanted to be an artist in my childhood and didn’t have support from my parents. So now I’m trying the new direction and improving my skills every day. The main subject matters are usually nature, landscapes, fantasy art, and fairies. I’m a self-taught artist.”

“Vika Muse” has given us permission to use any of her images for our poetic prompt this week. Below are many examples of her work. She has kindly added her thoughts and inspirations for each piece. Click to enlarge. You can find her on Instagram @get.muse She is also featured on this website http://www.inprnt.com

Your poetry challenge: From any of the sources mentioned, choose an image that speaks to you. Let it guide you on your poetic journey wherever that may lead. Any theme, any style of poem. **PLEASE credit her work. ** by sharing her name and Instagram.

These are obviously perilous and uncertain times. I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with her. From her Instagram, in a note under her piece, “Breathe the Air of Freedom”, she shares this message:

“I wish I could have manta rays in the sky… instead of Russian bombs and military airplanes. I’ve noticed that my disturbing paintings didn’t make me happier. They cause even deeper depression. So I’ve tried to draw my future. It is bright and sunny. There are no bombs and war… Only beautiful landscapes and dreamlike sky. I hope I’ll meet such a future someday…
P.S. Be empathetic with your relatives and value your lifestyle. It’s big happiness to have mundane life and safety and independence. So simple and so valuable.”

During this unfathomable yet very real situation in her homeland, let us bask in the light of her artistry and be a reflection of light with our words.

Thank you, “Vika Muse”. Sending love and light from dVerse Poets Pub!

“Walking in the Woods”  – Let’s go for a walk. Hold my scarf and follow me – you won’t get lost. Walking in the woods – is my favorite thing for to do. This art was created due to this fact.

“Girl on Swing” “My world under attack” – This artwork I dedicated to the feeling of regrets and sorrow due to the bombing of my country. I had a beautiful world full of happiness before the Russian attacks. They just came and start to demolish everything that I love for no reason. And my mindset has changed. My inner art world became infected by fear and sadness.
“My Own World” – Some people said to me, that I’m living in my own world. Well, I don’t see anything wrong with this. Thanks to my inner world I can create something beautiful outside. It gives me a force for my creativity. Drawing is my obsession and my world.

 “The Hope” – Another painting is about our fight for freedom. I was impressed by the courage of our people. And thanks to all 
who don’t stay aside and help us to defend, to survive, to live, to believe in our victory.

“Guard for Sleepy Fairy” – Cute art with small sleepy fairy. Little bird is on the alert and protects her dream.

“Marshmallow House” – The friendly and cosy house like this is the perfect depiction of home in my head. Enjoying it when I’m there, dreaming of it when I’m far away.  Home means for me: my family, my house and my bulldog Hulk. This artwork was created due to my missing my home.  I was far away and wanted to be back.

“The Blue Yellow Tree” –  
Escaping into the fantasy world helps to overcome the feeling of permanent anxiety caused by the war.

“Be Light in Darkness” – During the Russian invasion, the war starts leaking into my art university. I think this is my most hostile artwork ever. Usually, I don’t like to draw such things. They are dark and disturbing. I like to convey warm vibes with my art…

“Perfection is Boring –  
This artwork with very loose brush strokes was made due to this phrase. I’m in love with impressionistic art. That’s why I like to convey the feeling instead of photo reality.
“Stop War” (“The Dandelion Field’) – This artwork was finished on the day before the war started. It was my last peaceful day. The last day of my perfect life.
“Swedish White Moose” – Recently I’ve come across a video with these animals. Well, here is the result of my impression. They are so beautiful. When I saw them first time I couldn’t believe that they really exist.

“Dragon On Top of Cabin” –
I have a very childish belief that dragons are still alive somewhere in the deep woods. Or I just like to believe in this. When I walk through the forest I like to dream about such meeting.

“Fox and Sunflowers” – just a cute depiction of a sunny day. I like sunflowers, sunny days and foxes. So I’ve put everything I like into one painting.

“Lets Fly Above Clouds” – trying to convey the feeling of soaring above the clouds. It feels very appealing to me.
“A Tunnel” – I’m a fan of snorkeling.
And this artwork was created due to this my predilection.

“Dreamy Pond” – Some fairy tale artwork  Love this colour scheme. What can I say? I just like to draw trees and ponds. This is my usual painting which I used to create before the war. As you can see it is kind and magic. I like to create something that cheers people up.

“Breathe the air of Freedom”
I wish I could have manta rays in the sky…
“Freedom” – This artwork was made due to the hope, that we have the light at the end and the name of this light – is the Victory. That we will survive and rebuild our country.

Here’s how to join in:

  • Choose a piece of artwork from the collections of Vika Muse to inspire a poem. Post it on your blog or website. Please credit her work.
  • Enter your name and direct link to your poem in Mr. Linky.
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  • Enjoy.

*All images shared with permission from the artist.

Instagram: @get.muse