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WE WILL MEET FROM 3:00 to 4:00 TODAY LIVE.  JOIN US by clicking on the link below:

AND IF WE RUN LONGER THAN ONE HOUR, depending on how many folks want to read their poems aloud, come back here and click on the link below:

We invite you to join us LIVE even if you don’t want to read a poem aloud. It’s so fun to connect faces with writers….and voices too. Come join us either as a reader and listener, or just as a listener!

Today is April 14th and spring is still struggling to arrive in Boston. But….I do have a fun and joyful announcement to make! We have a new addition to our family: a grand-puppy! Her name is Zoey and I’m sure you’ll agree, she is adorable. We NEVER thought our daughter would get a dog. Her husband and two teenage children wanted to get a dog for years and she was the holdout. Well…..she is now smitten by this cutie!

Last week I spent Thursday afternoon until Saturday evening puppy-sitting. At twelve weeks, Zoey consistently signals she needs to go outside to poop or pee by sitting quietly at the door, and laying her ears back as she looks at you. If you don’t catch the nonverbal cue, she’ll add a loud whimper to the message. When that happens, I put on my shoes and jacket, get her leash, and take her out to do her business. However, she is such a smart pup that she’ll also give you the exact same cue if she wants to go outside to simply play, explore, or chase leaves that are flying in the breeze! She has lots of energy and very sharp tiny puppy teeth! She’s not supposed to go on furniture so we always get down on the floor to play with her. Easy to get down, tougher to get up….especially if you have to do it 10, 15, 20 times a day at my age! We did have lots of fun but I was exhausted when I got home.

And now on to OLN! Everyone is invited to post ONE poem of their choosing to Mr. Linky below. No prompt; no required form or length; no required rhyme scheme. ONE poem of your choosing! OLN is always a fun time at the pub because we get a large number of diverse posts.

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