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Hello poet friends! Are you ready for the Q?


Helloooo……I can’t hear you. There’s too much static.

Ok, that’s better!

Welcome to Quadrille Monday where we write poems of exactly 44 words excluding the title. Hmm….now for a chosen word.


Are you there?

Oh, I give up. It seems you would like to add some “static” to our quadrilles today. Let’s do it!

There are a variety of definitions to play with. Merriam Webster begins with a “noise produced in a radio or television receiver by atmospheric or various natural or man-made electrical disturbances”. How annoying…but do you hear this random “staticky” sound in other places? In the woods? In your dreams? In your head? You disagree? Are you giving me “static“? As a slang word, it represents “heated opposition or criticism”. Of course there’s the dreaded static electricity when we forget to add the dryer sheets.

As an adjective, the word “static” offers you…

“a lack of movement, animation, or progression”

“showing little change”

“producing an effect of repose or quiescence”

“standing or fixed in one place”

“of a weight force, or pressure acting but causing no movement”

“noting or pertaining to atmospheric electricity interfering with radar, radio, the sending and receiving of wireless messages”

The word “static” originates from the Greek word “Statlike” (to bring to standstill or a state of no movement). You can use derivatives such as statical, statically, electrostatic or create an original hyphenation. Dabble with the effects of static in space, physics, nature, relationships, society or yourself, with whatever definition you choose.

Now, don’t be so static. Go charge up the muse!

Here’s how to join in:

  • Write a 44 word poem sans title including the word “static” and post it on your blog or website.
  • Enter your name and direct link to your poem in Mr. Linky.
  • Follow the links to other poets. Read, comment and come back later as the prompt is open all week.
  • Provide a link to dVerse so others can find us too.
  • Drop in to say hello in our discussion below.
  • Have fun!

Images: pixabay.com, AZ Quotes

Sources; merriam-webster.com, collinsdictionary.com