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Photo by Rene Asmussen on Pexels.com

Hello, dVerse Poets! It’s Merril welcoming you to Tuesday Poetics. It’s been hot and steamy here in south Jersey—typical August weather.

Today, my father would have been 103, and if he were still alive, he would be treating us to dinner at his favorite restaurant of the time. Yes, my father took us out to eat on his birthday—and on our birthdays, and other times, too! Some of our long-time friends remember fabulous meals after they helped him move, which he did several times over the years. Wherever he lived or visited on a vacation, he found restaurants that he returned to again and again, often getting special service from owners and staff. My dad loved good food and good conversations.

So today, in my father’s honor, I invite you to write a poem of any style about a restaurant. I know many of us are not dining out because the COVID threat remains, but your poem does not have to be inspired by a real place or experience (though it can be).

I think my father would have been amused by this poem, “They eat out,” by Margaret Atwood.

And though we didn’t ever order beef fried rice that I can remember, we did often eat Chinese food, as we’ll be doing tonight in memory of my dad—though we’ll order take-out rather than eating in a restaurant. We may follow the meal with ice cream for dessert because he loved ice cream.

Here’s some more inspiration.

Will you order what she had?

Or maybe you like your food with music and a side of intrigue at Rick’s Café in Casablanca.

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