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Hello Friends,

Today I thought we would go a little bit more into Songwriting for the Prosery today. I think his lyrics ha a lot of good lyrics, but maybe no more ambitious work than “Desolation Row” from his 1965 record “Highway 61 Revisited”, the song ties so well back to the Beat Poetry prompt last week with its vignettes of entropy and urban chaos. 

When asked once if he was ever inspired by Ginsberg Bob Dylan brought up this song.

The song is also noted for its length and often comes up on the top of his best songs (if not his most well-known).

Personally, I love the first line: “They sold postcards of the hanging”, which is said to be reflecting back on the lynching of three African-American Circus workers in Duluth, Minnesota on June 15, 1920. An 8-year-old Abraham Zimmerman lived in Duluth. Abe grew up to have a son named Robert who (as I am sure you all know) later took the stage name Bob Dylan.

The Grateful Dead has used this first line to name n a record of Bob Dylan covers.

I have tried to pick something flexible and easy from the lyrics and this is the line I choose:

To her, death is quite romantic

As usual, the challenge is to write a piece of prose of maximum 144 words, including the given line as it is. You may not change the order of the words, but you are allowed to include line breaks and change punctuation.

When you have written your piece of prose, post it to your blog and link up to Mr. Linky below, then come around and visit, comment and let yourself be bamboozled by all the creative writings of the amazing dVerse crew.

Also, I want to remind you that this Thursday it is once again time for Open Link Live with Lillian hosting. If you haven’t joined yet we have a lot of fun in a cozy atmosphere