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Hi everyone!  I hope you are all doing well.

There are 2 options to participate in today’s poetry writing.

1.Write a poem following the poetry form, Memento.


Memento, created by Emily Romano is a poem about a holiday or an anniversary, consisting of two stanzas as follows: the syllable count should be 8 beats for line one; 6 beats for line two; and two beats for line three. This is repeated twice for each stanza. The rhyme scheme is: a/b/c/a/b/c for each of the two stanzas.

midnight holiday
@Grace Guevara

we watch snowflakes spill – glass flowers
on barren fields & woods
we gather light from short hours –
wicks, lamps & yellowed goods

finally the moon is ours-
darkness is a cocoon
midnight sky with mulberry stars-
silvering trees, we swoon

Source: Shadow Poetry

2. Write a free style poetry with a theme about memento, using symbolism as a poetic device.

Definition of memento:

noun, plural me·men·tos, me·men·toes.
an object or item that serves to remind one of a person, past event, etc.; keepsake; souvenir.
anything serving as a reminder or warning.

Uses of Symbolism

A writer can use a person, place, word, action, and object as a symbol. To covey his mood and emotion, the writer uses symbolism. It can be in a visual image or gesture.

Wild Aster – Sara Teasdale

In the spring I asked the daisies
If his words were true,
And the clever, clear-eyed daisies
Always knew.

Now the fields are brown and barren,
Bitter autumn blows,
And of all the stupid asters
Not one knows.

Symbolism as a poetic device was discussed by Victoria in this post.

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See you at the poetry trail. ~Grace~