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Hello everyone. Michelle Beauchamp (aka Mish) welcoming you back to our very own poetry form, the “Quadrille”. Looking back into the archives of prompts, I found that our first frolic with 44 words began in January 2016. Wow! It has definitely been a favourite, as we juggle, trim and squeeze words in a neat little poetry package!

What word shall I gift you with?

Well…today marks the point when the sun sits directly over the earth’s equator. The birds on my feeders are singing songs of hope and renewal. Patches of snow are slowly shrinking across my yard as the green of Spring reveals itself. A warm breeze has replaced the usual chill and there is an undeniable feeling of transition, a “shift” in the air.

Shift is the word to fit into your quadrille this week. There are many derivatives to dabble with.

shifted, shifting, reshift, intershifting, shifty, shifter, shiftiness

redshift, blueshift, makeshift, gearshift, frameshift, downshift, upshift, dayshift

As you probably know, there is no required theme for the Quadrille, so your use of the word does not have to focus on seasonal change or any change at all. However if you’d like to, you could consider other types of shifts…. in our mindset, shifts in our relationships, emotional shifts, intentional shifts, unexplainable shifts, societal shifts.

A reminder that your poem can be of any style, but it should be exactly 44 words, not including the title. It must contain the word “shift” or a form of the word.

Here’s how to join in:

  • Write a quadrille as described and post it on your blog or website.
  • Enter your name and direct link to your poem in Mr. Linky.
  • Follow the links to other poets. Read, comment and come back later as the prompt is open all week.
  • Provide a link to dVerse so others can find us too.
  • Drop in to say hello in our discussion below.
  • Have fun!!