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Hello, pub crawlers, poets, and writers. Björn here with a new edition of Opwn Link. Imagine that this is the 334:th version. I remember when I started writing for dVerse and then I remember we had occasions with more than 150 links linking up one poem each. So many have left us since, some has stopped blogging altogether, others write without linking up and there are those who have passed away. 

A while back we started to have real live editions of the pub, and we have not been all that many, but we have been consistent. I know that we could never handle one hundred poets, but remember it is always OK to come in and listen, and we will not force anyone to put on their camera or even talk.

We are also many different timezones and 3 PM EST on Thursday may be hard if you call in late at night or during working hours. Therefore we have two time-slots:

Thursday edition 3PM to 4PM EST. https://meet.google.com/oha-bvpf-xep?authuser=0&hs=122

And Saturday edition from 10 AM to 11 AM EST https://meet.google.com/zfc-dkpi-ipn?authuser=0

Remember that US has gone to daylight savings time, which means that for us that have not yet transferred, it will be one hour earlier than normal. 

Open Link is still Open Link so you can link up any one poem of your liking. You might want to write a poem to a prompt you have missed, or you may want to link up an old poem. Sometimes I try to rewrite an old poem of mine which could also be a way trying to sharpen up something that can be even better.

If you want to be inspired on how to improve a poem here is a video by Billy Collins

Please link up your poem and link back dVerse from your own poem. As usual, we are very happy.to read and comment on what other poets are writing. It is how a community is buuilt.