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Helloooo, fabulous springtime wordsmiths! De Jackson (aka WhimsyGizmo) here, and it’s time for the Quadrille! This pithy little poem is a work of our own invention here at dVerse: simply a poem of 44 words, not counting the title, and including one word we provide for you. Those are the only rules. Rhyme or don’t rhyme, write in quatrains or freeform, stack those words all up in a tight little bundle or spread them across the page in nice long lines. Those choices are yours. So long as your poem is exactly 44 words and our assigned word is there, we’re happy campers.

Today, I’d like us to play with the word ZOOM.

Back in the day, it was simply an onomatopoeia (a word formed through association with a sound), and something we might find in the pages of a comic book.

In 2020, that changed.

Although the video chat communication tool was released back in 2012, “Zoom” became a household word in 2020 as all our meetings, classrooms, and even family interactions went online for a time.

It’s also a word used in common camera phraseology:

And of course, there’s this:

Zoom. Zoomed. Zooming. Zoomability.
Use it as a noun, verb, adjective (as in Zoom Meeting), or exclamation.

If rhyming’s your jam, here are some fun words that groove with zoom:
boom, flume, bloom, groom, tomb, doom, room, vroom

Have some alliterative fun with the letter Z. Or just see where your poetry pen takes you.

For further poetic inspiration, here’s some “Zoom” Poetry Soup:


Is the Q new to you? Here’s what to do:

Grab your plume, and let your words zoom across the page to form a poem of just 44 words (not counting the title), and including some form of the word zoom. Post your poem on your own blog, and link up using the Mr. Linky below. Then zoom your way across the internet miles to read some of the zippiest poets around.

And hey: are you one of us crazy souls who is zooming your way through a poem a day all April long for Poetry Month? If so, let us know in the comments!