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Hello and welcome to the Pub My name is Sheila Moore and I am excited to be your host this week for d’Verse’s second Poetics – where we provide the inspiration and you provide the poetry.

I cannot believe that the kids’ summer break is almost over.  This year we were busy taking trips to the beach and the lake and enjoying as many outdoor activities as possible. However, July’s heat has become so unbearable – with temperatures hovering around the 100˚F mark – that our outside fun has dwindle down to almost nothing. Not even the swimming pool provides relief with its, now, tepid water.  The ocean and lake waters seem to remain cool and refreshing but unfortunately, we do not live close to either, which brings me to this week’s prompt:


Last month, we traveled eight hundred miles to vacation at the beach. It was my children’s first time seeing the ocean and they loved it!

This month we spent several days on the lake boating and skiing and aside from my near death experience, that trip was a lot of fun, too!

A few weeks ago, on a sweltering Sunday afternoon, we attended a Major League Baseball game and there was not a pool, ocean, or lake in sight to cool us down. Therefore, we were estatic and ever so grateful to see the city fire department pumping freezing cold water out from the hydrant as we exited the stadium.  It was quite a treat for all of us overheated fans and what a blast – so to speak!

Now it’s your turn to get wet!

~ Write a poem with water as your inspiration and it doesn’t have to be related to summer or vacations or baseball. You could write about watering your plants, boiling water when cooking, taking a shower – be as creative as you want!

~ Post it on your blog.

~ Click the Mr. Linky button below and when the new window opens input your name and the direct URL of your poem.

~ Finally, visit your fellow poets and absorb their refreshing verses – like a tall glass of water.

Poetically yours ~ Sheila