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T’is the season, Poets! That time of year when time becomes even more precious and the official countdown to the holidaze begins. Thank the lords above for OpenLinkNight…the one day of the week that I allow poetry to rule my roost, come hot chocolate or sleigh bells.

I’m Natasha Head, standing in for the brilliant word weaver we know as Claudia, who unfortunately had real world business to attend…but she’ll be back in full force next week, ready to sling those pints with the best of them!

This weekend past, I was treated to a wonderful show of team work and good intentions.  My daughter and seven of her sixth grade classmates began a social activism group in her school.  (Isn’t that freaking awesome?) The first project they took upon themselves was raising funds for Christmas Daddies…a local telethon that raises funds to provide a better Christmas to children who may otherwise not have a Christmas.  In a mere two weeks, this power house team of activists, raised $1000.00 to donate.  Good on them and the folks who offered up their coin in these very lean times.  Best of all, the show allowed the group to come to the studio and present their gift live and on the air.  What a treat it was to see how excited they all were to see our local celebrities and be part of the festivities.

And for me…it always leads back to poetry.  These eight kids made an impact. This group, this poetry family that we share here, could do the same.  There is power in the words we pen each week, there is power in the positive atmosphere, the fellowship, the learning and the sharing.  We are all becoming bigger and better poets through our efforts, and that can’t help but lead to a bigger and brighter world.  We’re even starting to reach people who “don’t like poetry”.  We’re attracting followers who simply want to see what all the fuss is about.  Poets…we are momentum, we are poetry in motion and we have words to share…. Let’s get to it, shall we…

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  • Have a most poetic good time!