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A poet looks at the world the way a man looks at a woman               –Wallace Stevens

Isn’t that what we poets tend to do–? always hungry and in love with life–?

We want to breathe it in, suck it up with hungry lungs, grab each and every detail, wanna run our fingers through its hair, kiss its full lips and press our naked bodies closer, closer just to feel the heart beat, hear the words, hummed on boardwalks and in cornfields, in a lonely room or on a busy airport.

We adore it, want it, try to make sense of it and long to understand (which will keep us busy all our life I guess–) and then we grab the pen and start to write about what caught us somehow, somewhere, what doesn’t let us go anymore– and we just want to tell all the people we meet in the streets about it– see– I’m getting all passionate already…smiles… so…let’s get the party started…have fun.. read how others look at the world, share their passion.. and…see you out on the trail–

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