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picture by SueAnn (as seen at Poetics)

Happy Monday everyone! Let’s start with some good news…Laurie Kolp and Beth Winter will be joining our dVerse Poet team to assist me in relaunching Pretzel & Bullfights. I am excited to have both of these talented poets joining our team. Not only do they bring their poetry skill, but they both have personalities as well that I think will bring a lot of life to our Mondays.

Great suggestions last week as well as to what we should do with this spot. Starting next week we will begin to alternate between highlighting one of the poets that links in to one of our dVerse opportunities and highlighting a historical or international poet.

Here in the states, we are on the cusp of an election that could greatly change our nation. Probably one of the more interesting elections we have had in a long time because of the way it has highlighted the division within our nation. I wont get into politics here though, other than to say, when given the opportunity—VOTE. Let your voice be heard.

To me that is what poetry is about as well. Allowing other to see ‘life’ through our eyes and our voice. We can also use it for a purpose. Just this last week at OLN, Raven did a great piece on Harlem. If you missed it, check it out. Our in house activist poet Natasha Head is always challenging us with her words. Aaron Schilling already has his OLN poem up and is wicking at our elections. There are many of you that speak out on the injustice you see or highlight causes.

As poets, we are the vanguards, blessed with eyes to see and pens with sharp points.

Even if only one person reads it and is inspired to action. Then they touch another. And another. This is how it starts and this is how change happens. Think about that as you are writing your poem for OpenLinkNight. Let your voice be heard. Never believe your voice does not matter.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow for OpenLinkNight poets.
Write on. ~Brian