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Hello Everyone . Welcome to another FormForAll.  Raivenne is introducing us to a new Asian form today.  I think it’s really interesting and I think you will too.  Here’s Raivenne:

Than Bauk – Image from Wikicommons

Hello fellow dVerse Poets quothe the Raivenne!!
My thanks to Gay for inviting me, please bear with my first time hosting here at dVerse.

I simply love challenging myself by writing in various poetry forms. Can I still create within the constrictions? I always try to conform to the rules provided for any given form a attempt, but I am not above (beneath?), a little form tweaking to get it to do what I want and still be true as possible to the form. Some forms are so strict even I cannot cheat them.  This is especially true of short forms such as today’s form the Than Bauk.

The Than-Bauk is a three line “climbing rhyme” poem of Burmese origin. Conventionally a witty saying or epigram, it’s even shorter than a haiku, but a lot more structured. Each Than-Bauk is three lines of four syllables each with the rhyme on the fourth, third and second syllables of each line respectively.

O. O. O. a.
O. O. 
a. O.
a. O. O.

Image from Wikicommons –

I wonder why
minutes fly by
on my days off!

© Kahnieke:ha

Than-Bauks can be chained together to form a longer poem where the last syllable of the third line starts the rhyme of the next…

O. O. O. a.
O. O. 
a. O.
a. O. b.
O. O. 
b. O.
b. O. c.
O. O. 
c. O.
c. O. etc.


Sorrow – from Wikicommons

For while she weeps,
Sorrow keeps as
pain sweeps her heart.
Torn apart as
it thwarts the chance
to romance the
soul’s dance that’s stilled.
Passions killed by
tears spilled in ache.
Spirit breaks. It’s
a snake that crawls,
As it sprawls there
then squalls and rails
driving nails, it
assail’s heart’s halls.
But it falls hard
Soon all hurts slow.
Pain will go, and
she’ll know – she’s free.

© Raivenne

or you can “staircase” them…

O. O. O. a.
O. O. 
a. O.
a. O. b.

O. O. O. b.
O. O. b. O.
O. b. O. c.

O. O. O. c.
O. O. c. O.
O. c. O. etc.

Reynolds Garrick – Between Tragedy and Comedy

Act One

We ran, we walked
Held hands, talked life.
Soft mocked love words.

We felt the words,
Of the birds song.
Words heard and sang.

Love songs we sang.
The phone rang; hi
Heard bang; no sound.

Fear of the sound,
Home ward bound; shook.
Folks round by her.

Shocked I saw her.
Cop words slur, heard.
Life blurs, they’ve sinned.

Rot for you’ve sinned!
Now back friend, see
He grins, he’s changed.

Love thoughts, he changed.
shots close range; yikes!
He’s strange, I run.

Gone, I did run.
There’s no fun; freed.
Act one, we’re done.

© Trewir Wintlek

Since I just know the one stanza Than Bauk is far too easy, for this session, let’s try either the chain or staircase versions of the Than Bauk form. Have fun!