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On Christmas Eve we would always go down to my great aunts house. Many of my cousins and great uncles would be there. My mom would always make marinated Brussel sprouts (I don’t know how many we his in the couch, or if they were ever found.)

We would come home after and go to bed anticipating Santa, try, try, try to get some sleep with all the energy running through us. Of course starting around 4 am we would start asking our parents, ‘Is it time yet?’ There was so much excitement over what might be in our stockings.

We are a few weeks out from Christmas and perhaps you are making your list or thinking about what might show up under your tree. Now couple that with the feeling I sometimes get on OpenLinkNight, wishing I could read a few more poems by a particular poet or pull their book down from the shelf.

Today, I am adding a linky. Not to share a poem, but for you to link your books. Poetry or prose. This way it is easy for anyone to find a book by their favorite poet. If you don’t have one, don’t sweat it. Peruse the shelf.

Maybe you will have one show up in your stocking. Smiles. Hope the week starts great for you and see you tomorrow for OpenLinkNight. ~Brian