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dverselogoLast night, my wife and I gathered my sons in bed and read the Christmas story. They were snuggled all warmly under the covers to fall asleep in our bed. This would allow Santa free reign of the upstairs to leave presents, undisturbed. Just as my wife finished reading, my oldest sons eyes widened…he sat straight up in bed…and vomited.

We got him cleaned up and the floor (along with copious amounts of air freshener). He was so excited for the holiday he had made himself sick to his stomach, so we took turns laying with them while the other watched out for Santa, until the boys were asleep. Trust me when I say he was fine at 2 AM, 330 AM, 425 AM, 530 AM and at 6 AM when we finally gave in to all the asking to get up and see if Santa came. Smiles.

I remember as a child the same anticipation (and the same asking my parents throughout the night). I get a bit of it as well every week with OpenLinkNight as well. Excitement to see who is here and what they have brought.

This may be bit different of a week with the holiday, but we wanted to open knowing that there would be some that could use a familiar face. Many will probably be with family or celebrating in some form or fashion, but here we are. And if you are reading this, then here you are as well. Welcome, we are glad you are here. Make yourself at home and see who else walks through the door. Interact with each other as you can. We have given the pub tenders the week off, so the interaction will probably be up to you for the most part. I will pop in here or there as I can as well.

If you get so excited that you feel sick, please visit one of the facilities or grab a trash can. Just saying. Smiles.

If you are new here:

  • Write a poem and post it to your webpage
  • Clink the Mr. Linky button below and sign in using your name and direct URL (web address) to your poem
  • There you will find others that have linked in, go visit them and spread some joy. Tell them what you liked, what you did not like, how it moved you or what you thought of when you read it.
  • Promote on the social media of your choice
  • Enjoy your time here and have fun

Happy Holidays poets! See you out on the trail. ~ Brian