photo by Kenny Louis

— photo by Kenny Louis

Two weeks ago, my wife and oldest son visited an eye doctor. The eye doctor is new to us. We have never really had the need before. They went. They were pleased with the service and how well they were treated.

Two days later, we received a card in the mail. Actually each of them got a card. Inside of each was a $10 card to Panera as a thank you for choosing the eye doctor.

This weekend, they each received another card. A personal note from the doctor, thanking them for their patronage and telling them how nice it was to meet them.

It is refreshing in many ways to see someone that takes that good a care of their customers. When I worked in banking, we used to each send 10 handwritten cards a day thanking people for their service.

This doctors attention got me thinking about letting others know we appreciate them. Here in the pub we often do it as we travel around to each site and comment on the poetry. Sometimes we leave a little personal note if something is going on in that poet’s life.

Today, I want to be a little more formal with our appreciation. As you leave a comment below, I want you to think of a poem that has stuck with you this week. Of a poet that left you a really nice comment or showed concern. Tell us who it is. Leave us a link to the poem.

Happy Monday! I look forward to seeing you tomorrow for OpenLinkNight.