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duck in my rain barrel - pic by c. schönfeld

duck in my rain barrel – pic by c. schönfeld

It happens about every second week… I enter the bathroom (in my pajama), slide back the glass door to the shower, (not yet undressed), switch on the water (cause I want it to be warm already when I step in) and within a millisecond, I’m soaking wet & the bathroom’s flooded cause my son left the shower head in the “i aim at you” position.. AGAIN…ha…

Bathrooms are intimate (and sometimes dangerous) places…smiles

So do you write blue-marker-poetry on your bathroom tiles? Or do you have the best poetic ideas while lying in the bath tub with a chandelier placed on the toilet seat and a glass of red wine on the bath tub rim? (can happen to me)

Maybe there’s a selection of poetry books piled up in that “quiet place” cause that’s the only time during the day when you have really time to read?

Or maybe you just let your mind flow free with the water, and later find all these wet & foamy verbs and vowels in the towel?

Today we’re writing bathroom poetry.. wherever this takes you.. and regarding my son, he just smiles and kisses me when he sees my soaking wet pajama hanging on the bath tub rim later…again… sigh..

My name is Claudia, I’m your host today – and this is probably the “cleanest” prompt we ever had…smiles


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