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dverselogoThis afternoon, we went to the pool. My boys, the one I am keeping this summer and I. They were playing in the water—jumping off the high dive, playing sharks & minnows with other kids, swimming, bobbing.

It was the first day in a while the black clouds were not overhead ready to dump rain at a moments notice. It was hot, but not too—enough to feel just the hint of a burning kiss on the shoulders.

I was sitting under a cockeyed umbrella, just breathing. I didn’t have to be in the mix. The boys were engaged, fine on their own with friends. I just sat. Happy to see them happy.

Happy is not always easy. There is always so much we have to think about that can easily get in the way of just being genuinely happy. For me happiness is a choice & a discipline.

This week we celebrate passing the two year threshold, now into the third year of this poetry lolapalooza—& I am happy you chose to join us. Maybe you are new. Maybe you have been here a while. Maybe you came poem in hand and just need someone to hear your words. Maybe you are here to listen. To touch. To invest.

Where ever you are coming in the door, I hope someone’s words tonight touch you…inspire you…give you the strength to pick the pen up again. Poetry is…and in coming together, we are Poetry—even if for a moment.

We keep it pretty simple here:

  • Write a poem, post it to your webpage
  • Click the Mr. Linky button below and enter the direct web address to your poem
  • Here you will find others that have linked…people will be linking for the next 33 hours, so swing back through…visit others…let them know a line you liked or what moved you…visit as many as you like
  • If you use social media, promote yourself and use @dversepoets — makes it easier for us to find you and help promote
  • have fun

So pull up a chair, meet some poets, read some poetry…see you out on the trail. Smiles. ~Brian