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I think for many of us, writing poetry is first about expressing ourselves, having fun, writing our heart into words and capturing the moments that mean something to us, and only second about getting published,

Still, while we’re celebrating, we thought it would be cool as well to give some of you the opportunity to get a poem of yours published in a printed book or mag.

When I met Mike Jewett of Boston Poetry Magazine, he told me that he’s just about to put together an anthology that he wants to have printed by the end of the year and I asked him if he would be up for a little contest…  he said yes so.. smiles… here’s what we have for you…

Mike Jewett

Mike Jewett

For those of you who haven’t met him out on the trail yet, a  short introduction of Mike and his work: 

Boston Poetry Magazine started out as a blog for my poetry. I recently started writing again and wanted to bypass some of the insane submission guidelines that literary magazines had. Gandhi’s be the change you wish to see in the world is an inspiration of mine and I utilize it a lot. That changed almost immediately, though. I know a few writers and asked around if any had any poetry they’d like to submit and it exploded from there. If you write poetry, there’s a place for you. Boston Poetry Magazine has turned into a place for just as many first-time poets (and first-published poets) as award-winning writers of poetry.

Before we start… this is our dVerse pub celebration – this is two years of poetry and getting to know each other, commenting on each others works, having fun together and encouraging each other – so – if you haven’t been in the pub at least, let’s say twice, we cannot consider your submission (sorry – but…hey, there always is a next time..)

Here’s how it works…

  • Write a poem and copy it into the email body (no attachements please)
  • Send it to dversepoets@gmail.com
  • email subject line should be: 2 year contest
  • Please don’t forget to include your name and blog url in your email
  • You can submit only one poem per person
  • Deadline for submissions is August 1st
  • We then will collect the poems and have them looked at by five judges
  • We will only include poems by pub guests (no matter if you’re around for a week or two years, but you must have been around)
  • By the end of August we will announce the winners
  • The top ten poems will be pusblished on the Boston Poetry Website
  • The three winners will be published in the printed Boston Poetry anthology presumably by the end of the year

So… thanks again Mike for providing the opportunity for us… and have fun writing…

Claudia & Brian

…and for those of you wondering where OpenLinkNight 105 has disappeared… it’s hiding HERE