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dverselogoWelcome to dVerse Poets & PubTalk…my name is Brian Miller and I will be your host, yet again. It’s a busy week when all my duties fall in a five day period. Ha. That’s okay, here in the States it is a holiday, so I am home playing today.

First things first, I told you at OLN when I announced the top three winners of our anniversary contest to be included in the Boston Poetry Mag anthology, that I would announce the remaining seven that will have their poems published at the Boston Poetry Mag website. As a reminder, the top three were: Jennifer (poet laundry), Kelly (mrs. mediocrity) and Kelli (ManaZen).

The seven poets winning a spot on the Boston Poetry Magazine website are:

Grace (Scarlet Verses), Arnab Majumbar, Kathy Bischoping, Kelvin S.M., Susan Daniel,  Jason Weaver and Rachel (Rhyme me a smile)

Congrats poets! and thanks again to Mike at Boston Poetry Mag for this opportunity for all our poets.


Last week during MeetingTheBar, Gay and Margaret both asked me about the used of mixed lowercase and capitals within words, and I promised them an answer today. To me it is a form of word gymnastics that can be used several ways.

Take the title of this post for instance. I hid the word MASTER within the title. Sometimes when I write, I use the capitals to hide words or a poem within the poem that accentuates the bottom line or what I hope people get out of a poem. It may be a single word, a scattering of words or a phrase.

Another way I use CAPital letters within words is to give a word rhythm. Must like you use stresses in a line, capitalizing certain letters adds movement to the word or stresses a letter within a word. An example of that would dRop or pOW…adding the OW to pow. These are also places when I am performing where I may add a bit of crazy grit to my voice, deepen it really give emphasis to the word.

It is a bit of wordPlay I came up with a few years ago as I was discovering how words sound when they are put together or spoken.

How about you? How do you like to have fun with words? what is your favorite but of wordPlay?