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photo by Jerry Woody

photo by Jerry Woody

Fourth quarter, down by a touchdown, on the two yard line. too tired bodies grunt as they crouch. sweat slicks the grass, air thick with tension & the smell of conquest. fans bang aluminum stands, yell, rattle cowbells. the boys in uniform breathe in gasps—HIKE—thunder claps as they all push into one place


only this time it’s not the ball but a leg & now there are paramedics & cops & coaches, all the players kneeling, some praying & parents are both happy its not their kid and fearful it may be next time

THIS is not what NIKE commercials are made of & JUST DO IT loses it luster under these lights—but that was my night last night as our star running back broke his leg just above the ankle.

Advertising doesn’t sell these moments, but what is possible with flashy slogans that play at our desires…

I’m loving it ~McDonalds             Save Money, Live better ~WalMart

I am what I am. ~Reebok

The greatest tragedy is indifference ~ Red Cross

Pleasing people the world over. ~Holiday Inn         Stronger than dirt. ~AJAX

Pleasure is the path to joy. ~Haagen-Daz

…what you want we have and can provide to make your life better is what the marketers want us to believe. The title of the post is from a quote by George Orwell. Will Rogers boiled it down to this, “Advertising is the art of convincing people to spend money they don’t have for something they don’t need.”

Today, I want us to play with slogans. You can use them to make a statement, or just explore the meaning behind them, how they make you feel or maybe you have a creative idea for a slogan that captures who you are and just what you are selling with your life. Have at it.

My name is Brian Miller, and I will be your host for this journey. Don’t worry the only thing I am selling today is your chance to get creative…and all that takes is the price of putting pen to paper. Smiles.

If you are new, here’s how this works:

  • Write a poem to the prompt and post it on your website, include a link to dVerse so others can follow you back.
  • Click the Mr Linky below and enter your name & the direct URL to your poem
  • You will also find the list of other that are participating. Read & tell others what you thought of their verse. Check back periodically as others will be joining over the next 33 hours.
  • Have fun. It’s what poetry should be. (sounds like  a tagline eh? smiles)

See you out on the trail. ~Brian