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Last week I visited Bucharest for the first time in my life. From my hotel window I could see the world’s second largest building (the largest being the Pentagon). Many of us still recall the fall of Berlin wall, and the break-down of the pact of Warsaw. In Romania there was Ceauşescu, and he had this huge building built like many dictators do as a symbol of themselves.
Now it stands as reminder of history as is often the case. I wonder if it yet has a nostalgic shine, instead of a reminder of the secret police and the years of repression. I’m sure it will eventually be seen in a nostalgic shimmer, just like any other castle around the world.
I was thinking how history affect us, the buildings, the parks. I realized that many of us look back to events and history. But do were is it too recent to be history?

Anyway, my name is Björn Rudberg, and I’m your host for Open Link Tonight, its my third time as bartender so I think I know how to handle the taps. As autumn is coming I have some mulled wine, for anyone who think the season for cold beer is over.

If this is the first time at the bar, or you need a quick reminder, here are the house-rules:

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Have a great Tuesday/Wednesday and let’s have fun. Smiles 🙂