A few years ago, I lost two friends in one week. It was the strangest thing.

Richard and I talked every day, either through our blogs or through chat. He was a cook. I don’t remember how I started following him or how we started chatting beyond reading each others posts, but we did…and then one day he stopped responding. Shortly thereafter his family posted that he had died of an unforeseen heart attack.

Within a month, Barry, another friend I made online, through blogs, who was in a battle with cancer passed away. We had recently rang the bell for him, leaving the clinic one last time.

The strangest thing was I called each friend—and never met either of them, in real life. I never would have believed I would feel as I do for those friends I make online and how their passing would affect me.

Today, I have the sad privilege to let you know that one of our own poets has passed on.


If you never met Dave King, I wish you could have. He always had a good word and was loyal—reading often even if he did not post something. His poetry—luckily you can still experience it for now at his site. Dave was a good man—a good poet—and a good friend to those that knew him.

I want to honor him today by having us write poetry—poetry about good friends, poetry about friendship. If you knew Dave, feel free to write that loss out, but I want to remember him as a friend—let’s fill this place with verse and celebrate life.

Link below. Read others. Be friends.

Much love.  ~Brian