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dverselogoLast Friday was homecoming at school—after the football game, we had the dance. I did not intend to stay and chaperone the dance. I did stop in to say hi to the students and see there fancy dresses and dashing dress shirts. And then—

For me my ‘and then’s’ usually means someone needs help, or there is trouble—and my hero complex kicks in & 2 hours later, while i might have saved someone’s day, i have missed something else. Note to self: leave the tights at home. Smiles.

Life is about trade offs—sometimes the things you choose are not even bad things, but they can keep you from other things that may be more important. That being said, I am glad you chose to be with us tonight for OpenLinkNight.

I am glad those of you that read others, choose to do so. Hopefully in some small way our words to each other mean something, to validate that choice.

Tonight, someone will choose to share a poem for the first time, unsure what people will think. Tonight someone will put their heart on paper because they think it is about to stop beating. Tonight, someone will risk and love. Tonight, someone will open a door and another will close it. Tonight, someone will spill their drink when they stand up to carry the computer to their spouse so they can read the poem that just rocked their world.

Maybe. You never know.

That’s all part of the magic—like streetlights that, like stars, know when its dark enough to shine in the corners of my mind.

If you are new here, this is how it works:

  • Write a poem, post it to your webpage
  • Click the Mr. Linky button blow and enter your name and direct URL of your poem
  • There you will find others that participate—read, enjoy, tell them what you like, what worked, tell them that another living person actually cares
  • Promote yourself and others on social media
  • Have fun—life is too short.

See you on the trail ~Brian