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dverselogo(I wish I had a good excuse for being late—but I just got out of a training class and realized I did not upload—-ooops!)

Friday, my family and I went out of town to see my father-in-law.

Saturday, we went for a hike around the South Holston River dam. You’ll get a better picture of it when you read my poem for tomorrow.

We found a place where the homeless and maybe a few party animals hang out, based on the scene we came upon. One of them had created a chair out of large slabs of rocks, stacked on a few smaller ones for stability.

Sitting there I wrote a couple poems as my kids and nephew tossed rocks in the water and my wife talked with her father. The poems I wrote were different than my usual poems—more peaceful, more of a flowing narrative.

This got me to thinking about the challenges we put out with form—and even when we as poets try out different ways of writing—more specifically how we maintain our own voice when we do these exercises.

I also find I start to take on elements of other poets when I read too much of their work back to back. Currently I am intrigued by the poets that Tao Lin has gathered at muumuu house, as it is so very different for me.

Gabriella posted a poem the other day as well on finding her voice as we ‘grapple with words.’

So let’s talk:

What is voice?

How is it different from style?

Can we change our voice?

How do we keep the voice when we change the style?

Have at it—what say you?